We build your solar PV plant, from pile driving and frame assembly to mounting of modules

We provide mechanical mounting services for ground and rooftop photovoltaic installations for clients around the globe.

We partner with solar EPC companies and work with verified subcontractors only. Our experienced engineers ensure the construction process is managed efficiently, completed on time and within the client’s budget. Our portfolio of services covers the end-to-end installation of a solar PV power plant, including pile driving/ramming, installation of frame structures and mounting of photovoltaic modules.

First phase of the PV plant project

Pile driving

Our pile drivers are able to insert all conventional pile profiles in the soil across different terrain conditions. Three GAYK HRE 3000 pile-driving machines with mast lengths of up to 4,7 metres ensure time and cost efficiency. The daily capacity of our pile driving machine is 500 to 800 piles, depending on the soil type. Our most commonly used profiles include V 140, H, C 100, C 160, IPE 140, IPE 160, IPE 180, Sigma and U 100. Our pile driving services are available worldwide and our fleet is available for hire.

Assembly and installation of frames

The installation of the supporting structure follows completion of the pile foundation. Steel or aluminium frames are assembled and installed according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Our certified engineers monitor the entire assembly and installation process. We are able to build any type of photovoltaic supporting structure in all terrain conditions.

Frames will hold the PV modules in place

One step away from power generation

Mounting of photovoltaic modules

Once the frame is finished, photovoltaic modules are transported to the construction site. The photovoltaic array consists of solar modules held in place by racks or frames that are attached to ground-based mounting supports. Rails attached to the racks support the rows of solar panels. The solar modules are mounted, connected and tested by our engineers to ensure all systems operate accordingly. The current power output of one module ranges from 370 watts to 540 watts. In a day we are able to install enough solar panels to generate 1MW of power.

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